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The Electrochemistry and Materials Science Lab team's goal is to do world-leading and world-changing research while providing an inclusive educational environment that launches meaningful and rewarding careers. Our work spans engineering, chemistry, materials science and more.

The Boettcher lab at University of Oregon has transitioning to UC Berkeley and LBNL in January 2024. There is much information on our work still on the Lab's University of Oregon website.

Prof. Boettcher’s UC email is and his LBNL email is His office is Gilman 212.  Prof. Boettcher recieves much email. If you email him and do not hear back in three days, send a reminder!

Prof. Boettcher is the founding Director of the Oregon Center for Electrochemistry and the unique immersive accelerated MS program in Electrochemical Science and Technology/Engineering. Read about it in the Oregon Quarterly and the Chemistry Department Newsletter

This leading effort in electrochemistry will continue with building momentum at the University of Oregon and collaborative efforts across research, technology, education and workforce will be built at Berkeley, see

Boettcher also leads the NSF CCI, The Center for Interfacial Ionics, launched in Fall 2022, along with partners across the US.

Interest in postdoctoral, PhD, visiting scholar, or undergraduate research opportunities should be communicated to the UC email and in consideration for appointments at UCB or LBNL. Because Prof. Boettcher recieves a large volume of requests and inquiries, he may not respond to each one. 

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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Boettcher group strives to create an inclusive, respectful environment to support a diverse community of students, staff, and faculty. Diversity and inclusion are core values that guide our decisions and policies. We welcome and encourage talented and motivated individuals of all racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, nationalities, and all sexual orientations, gender identities, disabilities, to join us here in Eugene in our pursuit of advancing electrochemical science and technology!

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Electrochemistry Everywhere

Electrochemistry Everywhere: 2023 Blavatnik National Awards Chemistry Laureate Shannon Boettcher

How electrochemistry was born and is leading a technology revolution to improve the human condition.  Prof. Boettcher's presentation at the Blavatnik Awards.