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The Boettcher electrochemistry and materials engineering laboratory studies, designs, synthesizes, fabricates, and models materials and devices for applications in electrochemical energy storage and solar energy conversion. Our work spans use-inspired basic science to applied science and engineering, and technology transfer through industry collaborations and partnerships.

We are particularly focused on uncovering the fundamental insights into how ions and electrons transfer at interfaces and using those insights to design and make materials and devices for efficient energy conversion and storage and manufacturing. 

Specific interests include the synthesis and study of heterogeneous electrocatalysts for water oxidation with defined molecular and nanoscale structures, the use of computer simulation and direct electrical measurements to understand semiconductor-electrocatalyst interfaces in photochemistry, the development of alkaline membrane electrolyzers for low-cost scalable hydrogen production, fundamentals and applications of bipolar membranes and electric field driven interfacial ionic reactions like water dissociation and corrosion.

The Birth and Death of Ions

Recent Student PhD Thesis Seminars:

Grace Lindquist – Alkaline Membrane Electrolyzers for Scalable Green Hydrogen 

Haokun Chen – Fundamentals of Voltage Driven Water-Dissociation Catalysis in Bipolar Membranes

Video Seminars Delivered by Prof. Boettcher

Operando characterization of electrocatalysts and semiconductor-catalyst interfaces in water-splitting devices

Water Dissociation Catalysis in Bipolar Membranes and for Electrocatalysis

Towards a Molecular Understanding of Dynamic Fe-based Oxygen Evolution Catalysts

Advanced Bipolar Membranes: Design Principles and Applications in Electrochemical Technology

Towards a Molecular Understanding of Dynamic Fe-based Oxygen Evolution Catalysts

Alkaline Membrane and Bipolar Membrane Electrolyzers for Hydrogen Production

All Publications:

Recent Publications from Different Areas of Interest:

Ou, Y.; Twight, L. P.; Samanta, B.; Liu, L.; Biswas, S.; Fehrs, J. L.; Sagui, N. A.; Villalobos, J.; Morales-Santelices, J.; Antipin, D.; Risch, M.; Toroker, M. C.; Boettcher, S. W., Cooperative Fe sites on transition metal (oxy)hydroxides drive high oxygen evolution activity in base. Nat. Commun. 2023, 14 (1), 7688.

Chen, L.; Xu, Q.; Boettcher, S. W., Kinetics and mechanism of heterogeneous voltage-driven water-dissociation catalysis. Joule 2023, 7 (8), 1867-1886.

Lindquist, G. A.; Gaitor, J. C.; Thompson, W. L.; Brogden, V.; Noonan, K. J. T.; Boettcher, S. W., Oxidative instability of ionomers in hydroxide-exchange-membrane water electrolyzers. Energy & Environmental Science 2023, 16 (10), 4373-4387.

Zhao, Y.; Hu, X.; Stucky, G. D.; Boettcher, S. W., Thermodynamic, Kinetic, and Transport Contributions to Hydrogen Evolution Activity and Electrolyte-Stability Windows for Water-in-Salt Electrolytes. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2024, 146 (5), 3438-3448.

Oener, S. Z.; Foster, M. J.; Boettcher, S. W., Accelerating water dissociation in bipolar membranes and for electrocatalysis. Science 2020, 369 (6507), 1099-1103.

Laskowski, F. A. L.; Oener, S. Z.; Nellist, M. R.; Gordon, A. M.; Bain, D. C.; Fehrs, J. L.; Boettcher, S. W., Nanoscale semiconductor/catalyst interfaces in photoelectrochemistry. Nat. Mater. 2020, 19 (1), 69-76.

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Seminar on Alkaline Membrane Electrolysis

Prof Shannon Boettcher: From Catalyst Fundamentals to Advanced Alkaline Membrane Electrolyzers 2023

Electrochemistry Everywhere

Electrochemistry Everywhere: 2023 Blavatnik National Awards Chemistry Laureate Shannon Boettcher

How electrochemistry was born and is leading a technology revolution to improve the human condition.  Prof. Boettcher's presentation at the Blavatnik Awards.